Why invest in online marketing?

4 good reasons to invest in online marketing:

bubble1 Why invest in online marketing?

Buyers are looking for information online

Retailers, importers, distributors, brokers, sales representatives, sommeliers, waiters… They all need information about your wine to sell it to their customers. They are all “googling” your wine or winery’s name. Your website, blog and reviews should better show up on the first page of the search engines if you want them to use accurate information.

bubble2 Why invest in online marketing?

Consumers rely more on online media than print media

According to the SoWine/SSI 2010 study, when preparing a wine purchase consumers use online media twice as much as print media.

bubble3 Why invest in online marketing?

Consumers turn more towards community opinion and rely less on professional reviews

For purchase recommendations, consumers listen to influencers online that meet their personal preferences, whether it’s friends, relatives, or fellow enthusiasts they follow via social media websites, blogs and forums.

bubble4 Why invest in online marketing?

Consumers use social media websites

Wine purchasers are also frequent users of social networks (26% more than average), either to find information, advise others, rate and write reviews about your wines or simply to chat.

So if your consumers and buyers are online, this is where you want to be. Because no matter how good your wine is, if nobody knows about it, it does not exist.